Sprout size L

by Sprout

The Large Sprout is the perfect size to grow larger seeds and bulbs, such as avocado pits, tulips, narcissus or hyacinths bulbs, or to showcase larger succulents and cacti with their roots growing in water.

If you’re interested in growing smaller seeds such as acorns, we recommend you order the Small Sprout instead.

Sprout is a porcelain accessory that lets you easily grow small trees and plants in your favourite glass or vase. It sits on top of the glass opening, and lets the seeds or cuttings hover just above the water level, so they can grow roots without rotting. The white surface acts as a picture frame to shine the spotlight on your growing seedlings.

It’s made of fine bone china, produced by hand in the Netherlands and ships in a black gift box with instructions.

Ø 92 x  Ø 28 mm