Atmosfär body & room mist

by e:mist

Create a calming atmosphere by spraying atmosfär in a room or on yourself. Lavender and chamomile teams up with rose to form an inviting scent with a floralcy that is just right. Having trouble sleeping? It's a great pillow potion, too. Spraying insomnia away with aromatherapy? Totally possible.

100 ml body- and room mist made with 100% natural essential oils.

Ingredients: Pure water, essential oils (Lavandula officinalis, Rosa damascena, Citrus sinensis), vegetable glyserin, good vibes.

Many of the chemical compounds present in chamomile have been found to have beneficial effects. Some of the suggested characteristics are: calming, sedative, muscle relaxant, and has also been found to prevent inflammation. In addition, chamomile also has mild antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Rose essential oil is an antioxidant, but more interestingly, the scent, when inhaled, has been found to be able to reduce stress. It is thought that it excerts effects on the HPA axis, reducing the amount of stress hormone in circulation.

Lavender, when applied to the skin, increases blood circulation. For some, the scent also tames headaches and promotes relaxation. Some also say that the scent keeps nightmares away...