Designer: Eva Elvelin
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

e:botanicals founder Eva Elvelin was raised in Sweden, both in a city and in the remote country side. Urban life generated a need for honest body care products that would see to the holistic nature of body and mind, in particular in a fast-paced cityscape. Nature was always the source of inspiration and answers, and while completing her yoga teaching training in the States, the mental platform needed to embark on the journey that is e:botanicals started to form. 

Developing natural body care products is a process that needs both time, care, and intention. What it doesn't need is factory filled with chemicals, or an ingredient list that starts with "Aqua". Drawing on her Nordic background, Eva is expanding the product range of e:botanicals as new formulas are developed. Nature, beauty, and simplicity are factors that both define the Nordic life and underlies all aspects of e:botanicals as a brand. The end products are pure, natural, functional, and carefully crafted by hand.