We are the store formerly known as & designshop. We, Elwin and Nynke, are still the same, but our vision of our store, studio and even brand has definetely changed over time.

Evernow is our new brand that is able to transform itself over the years to come.

We wanted to have a name that truly identifies who we are and what we want to do. Creating for eternity with a vision that is altered everyday by our surroundings. The core of evernow stays what we've done before; making things, making them physical and above all making them stand out. We continue to create products for our own store, our clients and other retailers in the near future. We will do so as a store and studio combined on 1 location to ensure we don't loose sight over the people using the objects we sell and make.

We came up with the name evernow in early 2016 and had the pleasure to have Sophie and William of Studio Mooijman en Mittelberg to work on our visual identity.

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